Debut EP - City of Night

These days you need a certain amount of spirit to carry off songs in the blues rock style and, fortunately, The Wang Dang Doodle – apparently based in London although they sound like they hail from somewhere altogether more exotic – have more than enough spirit to get them through the four songs on their “City of Night” EP.

As well it should, Kosmas Mylon’s guitar is the glue that holds the music together. He plays with the kind of relentless efficiency that betrays a love for his instrument that transcends the reverential while Laurent Mouflier, out front, manages to drawl, huff and puff like a man with the devil on his tail.

“Easy Strut” is the stand out song here but fans of the genre will not be disappointed by anything on the EP. I feel I should recommend a beer to go with this music but I suspect that anything that you can get will do the job this time around. Best played loud (naturally)!


London Gig Guide Review - Live at the Aces and Eight


Quick Gig review - The Wang Dang Doodle - Aces and Eights Saloon Bar - 22.01.15 Verdict - Awesome blues fun. Great musicianship and vocals from this band as they swung out some blues classics. Delivered with energy and passion, Ray Drury's fingers were a blur on the piano as Laurent Mouflier's lips flew over the harmonica. Their thumping cover of 'Don't Bit The Hand That Feeds You' being my stand out track of the evening. The audience were up and dancing for the whole set and the band seemed to be having as much fun on stage. Unpretentious, lively and we were grinning from start to finish - a great gig!



Classic Rock Magazine

Mouflier is a superb harp player with great tone and great sense of timing; his blowing on Juke is wonderful, full of vibrato and power.

Ashford Blues Festival

Absolutely fantastic all round band. Will hopefully/definitely see you again! Such a great set and really appreciative crowd. Hope to see you at The Windmill Inn again soon! A massive thank you from me for coming all the way down from London and playing. I loved your set and you are most definitely an excellent band - Great musicianship and very entertaining.

Reverbnation Review on Easy Strut

The guitar riff at the beginning is very catchy. I love the way the bass riff synchronized itself with the intro, very nice. It is energetic and have a vintage sound. This is the type of song that you would crank when speeding down a highway. The vocals are unique, and I think even for this type of music (blues rock). The lead singer and guitars definitely lay the foundation to this awesome song!

The Musician - Leicester

Absolutely brilliant set guys - will be keeping an eye out for you ! Many thanks guys for a fantastic set last night - hope to see you again before too long!

The Borderline - London

The occasion this time was the launch of Aidan Connell’s “Grio” album, and Aidan celebrated by putting together a programme which built steadily toward his headline appearance. The opening band on the night was The Wang Dang Doodle playing their version of Chicago electric blues; they sounded good and workmanlike, but really caught fire when Laurent Mouflier evoked the spirit of Little Walter with his blistering harmonica solos.


Swanage blues festival

Thanks for coming to Swanage. We have this morning sent the strongest recommendation to Festival Organiser Steve D. We thought your set was fab!!!